This is a difference maker! The results kids have seen the last 3 years of offering this program are incredible. This was the first of its kind to ever be offered in QB training. With changes and upgrades we've made with our coaching staff and format, we are excited to take this to a level that has never been seen before.

This year, High School and College Prep will have separate on field workouts as well as separate classroom sessions. This allows our Alliance Coaching Staff to formulate workout plans and film sessions based off of age, knowledge, and experience levels.

These courses take place Every Saturday during the months of January - May. On field workouts will be 2 hours, and the classroom sessions will be 1 hour. Each QB will also receive one small group training session per week January - May

We will be offering 5 full time locations this year.

Taylor Barton / Cody Oakes - Greater Seattle Area

Taylor Barton / Cody Oakes - Bellingham

Domenic Rockey / Lance - Vancouver

Domenic Rockey / Lance - Salem

Craig Shaver - Spokane

We don't just want our QB's to perform well, we want them to look good too. Everyone in the College Prep or High School Prep programs will receive a Swag Pack. This will include top of the line apparel with our Alliance QB Academy logo. The swag pack will consist of multiple outfits for players to wear based off of the weather.

High School Prep is for any QB currently 3rd - 7th grade. 

College Prep is for any QB currently 8th - 12th grade.


We emphasize reading, identifying, and understanding defenses. There are two parts to this - defensive fronts and defensive coverages. Our QB's will be taught how to do this through film studies as well as work on a white board. Each week will have an individual theme. By the end of this course our QB's will be able to read, identify, and understand defenses so they can take advantage of their weaknesses.

Another big part of being a high caliber QB is being a leader, as well as dealing with success and adversity. We will work with our QB's on these skill sets to make sure they're prepared for any scenario on or off the field. 


On the field we emphasize the following : throwing mechanics, drops, pocket presence, footwork, and overall football IQ. We build a strong fundamental foundation that will lead to more consistent results. These sessions offer a competitive and high energy setting in every drill.